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Fashion graduate with a small addiction to handbags. I love fashion with a twist but in the age of mass production it was getting harder and harder to find something unique that would not only make you look good, but would also be good to animals and the environment. That’s when KAROMADE was born – I followed my passion, started designing handbags and made it 100% cruelty-free.
It’s the revolutionary power of ‘Made to order’. Method, that lets us create only as much as it’s needed and what’s needed. No waste – only what’s important. Each bag is handmade by our skilled artisans, that creates only as much as it’s needed without creating any excess waste.

Our bags are crafted from fine vegan leather like Luxe Polyeuthrane, microfibre and recycled vegetable fibres. Our small contribution in reducing plastic ending up in our oceans is by using recycled polyester for the interior in all our handbags.

Recycled polyester is made by breaking down single use plastic bottles (PET bottles) into pellets, these are then melted, cooled and spun into yarn. So instead of using new fabrics, which waste water we use this recycled fabric, which prevents more plastic from being dumped into landfills or our oceans.

Our motto is simple: fashion with respect – by giving consumers the experience of luxury, craftsmanship, and a timeless aesthetic – while respecting the world we live in. Happy conscious shopping!



Animals are friends not fashion. Our bags are crafted with ultra-microfiber- a high-tech, luxurious non-animal leather.


Craftsmen entrusted with manufacturing have been doing it for a longer time than we’ve been alive. That speaks for a lot of experience.


We want to make your shopping experience fun, convenient and most importantly stress-free! Enjoy conscious shopping with us!


Our biggest wish is to see you wearing and loving our designs and stealing all the attention on the streets.

handmade with love

    exclusively handmade
    exclusively handmade
    designed by me
    designed by me
    with lots of love
    with lots of love